Boart Longyear LS250 MiniSonic

The LS250 MiniSonic is a compact rig perfect for a wide variety of projects in environmental, geotechnical, water, and mining. The LS250 MiniSonic offers unmatched versatility and reliability for outstanding an value. Unmatched Versatility and Reliability.


The LS250 MiniSonic is the perfect rig for a wide variety of soft ground, shallow drilling projects including environmental, tunneling, water management, grade control, and leach pads. Faster penetration, nearly undisturbed samples using little or no fluids, and its casing advancement system make the LS250 MiniSonic ideal for a variety of applications.

Mining – The mining industry benefits from the LS250 MiniSonic’s extremely accurate sampling of unconsolidated formations. Heap leach and tailing pad sampling, monitoring well installation and water sampling, dewatering applications, and wireline sampling are all examples of possible mining applications.

Environmental and Geotechnical – By continually casing the borehole and using little to no fluid, the LS250 MiniSonic eliminates the risk of cross contamination and is ideal for environmental and geotechnical work.

Infrastructure – Precisely drilling straight holes at varying angles makes the LS250 MiniSonic ideal for infrastructure projects.

Utilizing proven technology, the patented MiniSonic head has been used in the field for more than 10 years on some of the most technical and difficult projects. This sonic head consistently performs better and offers unmatched reliability.

Compact, Low Cost Solution

The wide 600 mm rubber tracks provide low ground pressure (.28 bar/4psi), perfect for jobs in the most sensitive and fragile terrains. The compact, smaller footprint makes it versatile for small drill pads, environmentally sensitive areas, or hard to reach sites. It also requires less support equipment for a smaller drill pad and an overall lower cost solution.

Operator Safety and Comfort

The LS250 features a rod presenter where rod and casing can be loaded horizontally

and an actuator then presents the rod and casing vertically to the head. The head rotates 28 degrees to the side for sample extraction. Head slide shift allows for unobstructed winch use down the hole.

The interlocked rotation barrier slows head rotation when the barrier is open, providing additional operator safety. The LS250 MiniSonic is also available with full CE certification (Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC) according to the latest EN16228 safety standards.

When equipped with the Tier 4i engine package, the LS250 MiniSonic provides an extremely quiet working environment. High idle sound level shows 74 dB while never exceeding 99 dB at full power when drilling*.

The LS250 MiniSonic’s articulated mast and wiggle tail enables the mast to shift from

left to right and front to back to position the mast precisely over the hole, eliminating time consuming rig movements. The dump mast allows the crew to work from the ground, enhancing safety by avoiding stairs and safety rails often required when working from a platform. The mast articulation allows for drilling at angles from 90 to 45 degrees.