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Boart Longyear

As a trusted source for the best sonic drill rigs and tooling, Boart Longyear has extensive experience in successfully engineering and manufacturing the highest quality sonic rigs and drill string assemblies.

Some of there products

Why choose Board Longyear?

Proven expertise

Board Longyear brings decades of experience and expertise to the field of drilling, providing confidence in their products and services.

Cutting-edge sonic drills

Their range of sonic drilling tools is designed to meet the diverse needs of drilling projects, from geotechnical to environmental and more.


Board Longyear’s products are synonymous with reliability, ensuring that your drilling projects proceed without interruptions.


They share our commitment to environmental responsibility, with tools that minimize soil disruption and reduce excavation costs.

Sonic tooling selector

Flange adapter

Connects head flages to bolt on sub-saver

Flange adapters provide the connection between the sonic head and down hole tooling and help maintain the efficient transfer of energy from the head to the bit.

Flange adapters are available to fit heads from all sonic drill rig manufacturers. Custom configurations are available to fit any sonic head or drill platform design.

Bold-on Sub-saver

Connects head to drill pipe/casing


Drill rod

  • Friction welded tool-joints (3.0m version is also available with forged tool-joints)
  • High-grade and high-spec mid-body material
  • Quench and tempered threads (increased thread life)
  • 3 ½” diameter, 63.5mm ID


  • Friction welded tool-joints (up to 152.4mm)
  • High grade mid-body precision material
  • Quench and tempered threads (increased thread life)
  • Increased wall thickness on the couplings
  • Available from Ø 121mm up to Ø 305mm
  • Left Hand Sonic threads

Casing shoes

Core barrel

  • Core sizes 3” to 9 ½"
  • Lengths 3.0m, 2.0m, 1.5m or 0.5
  • Right Hand thread

Core barrel bits



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