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Secon technology

Secon Sonic Technology, a subsidiary of Kirschenhofer GmbH, finds its origins in Walter Kirschenhofer’s visionary move in 1995. Facing the challenge of translating designs into functional equipment, he acquired in-house manufacturing and assembly facilities, giving rise to Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH, with an impressive 20,000 square meter operational area today.

Some of there products

Why choose Secon technology?

Cutting-Edge Sonic Drilling Heads and Rigs

We are at the forefront of sonic drilling technology, providing innovative and reliable drilling solutions that cater to various industries and applications.

Proven Expertise

Backed by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, Secon Sonic Technology stands as a leader in sonic drilling solutions.

Dedicated Resellers

Our products are available through our trusted resellers, TALPA Sonic Drilling Products for Europe and ROVD for Africa, ensuring accessibility and support.

Quality and Innovation

Our commitment to quality and continuous innovation ensures that you receive the best sonic drilling equipment available.

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